On the Road Again - Gladstone, MB

Just over a year ago I hauled my ass to tiny little Russel, Manitoba for the Rural Manitoba Arts Network showcase as an ‘emerging artist’ in the development program. I played my heart out over the weekend at my official showcase (and every other possible opportunity lol), and networked by butt off.. Some people think that you are supposed to go and ‘sell yourself’ at events like these but honestly its all about trying to make genuine connections.

Anyways!! All of this to say that on October 19th, I will be visiting one of the delegates that I met at the showcase to perform in the venue she’s associated with, the Gladstone District Community Centre at 7:30pm with fellow Emerging Artist program peeps Mika Dawn and the Janzen boys.

So happy to be on the road again… even if it is just an hour and a half west ;)



Ila Barker