Falcon Trails: Returning to a magical place

Not my image :) Photo taken from Trip Advisor :D

Not my image :) Photo taken from Trip Advisor :D

Phew! What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been! Between starting a new job (which you can read about here) and gearing up for a very busy winter, life has gotten very hectic. I’m very much ready for a break!

I’m so thankful Falcon Trails for inviting me perform in their ski chalet next month as not only will I get to play in a beautiful venue, I will also have the opportunity to relax and unwind with my husband in their unreal chalets.

I first visited Falcon Trails 5 years ago when I was invited to participate in the Indigenous Music Residency held by Manitoba Music Indigenous Music Development Program (formerly known as “AMP Camp”, herein referred to as “AMP Camp”).

AMP Camp is a week long boot camp basically for emerging and pre-emerging Indigenous artists from across Canada (Turtle Island). They bused us all out to Falcon Trails and then threw us into daily meetings, mentoring sessions, one-on-ones, and even included a performance “Canadian Idol Style” where the judges (AMP Camp mentors) rip you apart after!! It was awesome!!!! Okay, they didn’t really rip us apart, but boy was it intimidating! They offered sincere constructive feedback, which can be a hard thing to find sometimes! It’s so important all throughout our careers as artist to know where we can improve.

I was so lucky to be accepted back to the program in 2018 and grew so much from my second run through. Its an unreal amount of information to grasp in a week of 15-hour day (or longer if you stayed up to participate in the epic late night jams) and even though there was overlap from my previous time at AMP, I still walked away with at least 30 pages of typed notes. Phewww!

It definitely wasn’t all hard work though.. I was certainly able to slip in a few lakeside hot tub sessions with a glass of Pinot! Ughhh its so beautiful there. If you haven’t been it is certainly a Winter Bucket List must have!

Anyways! I am so thankful to be returning to this beautiful and serene place, and extra thankful that I get to take my love with me this time. We are so ready to have a moment to slow things down and I’m so blessed that music is taking me places like Falcon Trails.

xo, Ila

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